In Media Res

by solunabirds

My MBA program officially starts on tomorrow, but really it’s been going on for two weeks. Apparently, you can have an entire class take place in four days, 4.5 hours per day, and finish the final that weekend. Apparently, that’s a thing.

So it’s been crazy. But I’m having a lot of fun. I’m meeting new people, attending networking events (where I meet even more new people), eating copious amounts of finger foods, drinking school-provided alcohol (?!), and reading more than 100 pages of business-related material per day in my free time. Somehow, I still manage to squeeze in some Netflix in there.

The rest of my classes start tomorrow, and I’m probably just blogging in protest of the 8 chapters of finance and financial accounting I have to read within the next 15 hours. Seriously, thank goodness I can both read and do math; I never would have thought I’d have to read about so much math.

Anyway, all of this is tremendously new and exciting, but because of this, I have to take a step back and remind myself of what’s important. What do I love the most? I love writing. No matter how much else I have going on in my life, no matter where I am, no matter who I am surrounded with –

In the end, I have to listen to myself. My goal through these two years is to write consistently, daily, no matter what. (Unless I get one of those viral/bacterial colds/infections again. Then it’s okay.)

I’ve been saying that I want to write, I want to write, I want to write. That’s really stupid. If I want to write, I should just do it and stop talking about it. I’m going to decide on a time block to do this.

Ha. Look at me, adulting.