Galleon on Salt Billows

You have been interested in your shadow. Look instead directly at the sun. —Rumi

Month: June, 2013

Simple Truth

I encountered one simple truth today.

All religion aside, here is something I read on facebook this morning:


Read it again.

And now, please allow me to highlight some things in here for you.

“I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the people who oppose same sex marriage or gay couples adopting would have adopted a black baby girl, born to a prostitute, drug-addicted mother and a father in prison for murder.”

I also could not help but wonder. And honestly, no – I don’t think the majority of these people who so ardently speak out against same sex marriage or gay couples would adopt a child like this. Of course I cannot speak for everyone. I am sure that some people who oppose ‘gay rights’ will adopt this kind of child out of love and mercy… but not most. I have lived and watched people long enough to know this to be a truth.

But here is another truth: this baby girl has done nothing to deserve her birthright. She was born blameless.

Let’s try another one:

“…these two men chose to make a change in the world and nurture a young person into a productive, lively young woman. And those men have such kind hearts, they actually consider themselves to be the lucky ones.”

They consider themselves the lucky ones. They love and want to care for this child so much that they consider themselves to be so lucky be have been given this opportunity.

A Jewish man and a Latin man fall in love and wished to be with each other for the rest of their lives. They adopt a black girl who was born on the underside of fortune’s wheel because they want so very much to raise her and to give her joy.

If this isn’t what the best of humanity looks like, I don’t know what is. I don’t know what we are fighting against. I don’t know if any human being can look at this family, truly understand everything that had to happen for them to reach where they stand today, and still be opposed to what they have together.

I am always grateful for people who see and speak the truth. Truth is easy to see. It’s obvious. It’s just that sometimes, humanity can be so blind.


Sorry, Blog

Blog, is that you? You’re still here? Of course I didn’t forget…

Okay, fine. You got me. I am a terrible person. I won’t forget you anymore.

The thing is… I have so many things to write here, but I’m too lazy to compile my thoughts and create posts! I know. Bad. I will change.

I’ll post again soon, blog. No, for real this time. I promise! Stop glaring at me with skepticism! You’ll see. YOU’LL SEE.

I’ll be back.