by solunabirds

I am waiting for important news. I am too embarrassed to specify what kind of news, but it is very, very important.

And I am frightened to death.

At this point, you assume that I mean some sort of bad news. No, it is nothing like that. I merely took a step out of my comfort zone and dove headfirst into something scintillating and unfamiliar. I hate leaving familiarity, but I did it this time.

Because I had promised myself that this year, I would be more courageous.

This is the first time I am acting on that promise. Of course, this piece of courage didn’t come cheap – I did procrastinate (what else is new?) and had to spend a good amount of blood money for a rush two-day delivery.

My chances are so slim, but I don’t regret it. This is my first step. This year will be a year to remember. I, Diana, at age 23, have in this month of my life decided to embrace courage, to grasp the brilliant future that I had until this point only dreamed of.

But this does not change the fact that I am still frightened to death. Let me try and reason this out:

On one hand, worry never did anyone any good. On the other hand… sits my cat, who apparently can never be bothered to behave appropriately, and is now making me type with one hand. So I guess the decision has been made for me.

Worry less. Dream more. Do some real work or go to sleep.

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